Podcast E:5 What Did You Say?

E5: What Did You Say?

Your words have power. Did you know that? You can shape tomorrow with what you say today. In fact, your present is a result of what you said yesterday. Think about it… What are you saying about yourself, your art, your business, your family? Are you sowing seeds that will produce a harviest of fruit or weeds? In this episode, I work to inspire you to think about your words and how they affect your life, keeping in mind that your speech isn’t the end of the journey. It’s the compass that provides you with your next steps, your next door, and your next big thing!

S2:E1 Resolutions The Write Engle

New Years Resolutions work… when we set them up for success. Listen to my take on the age old practice and how you can improve your chances for success! Don’t forget to post your #winsfortheweek every Friday on social so we can celebrate the milestones together. Like, follow, and share this podcast with a friend in need of inspiration!! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-write-engle/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-write-engle/support
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Jaimie Engle is an award-winning writer and speaker. She teaches at national conferences, state libraries, and local schools on the art of storytelling. Her awards include the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future (2014), Kirkus Editor’s Choice (2020), and the Publisher’s Weekly Booklife Prize in Fiction and Non-fiction (2020). In 2021, she began screenwriting with two feature films for a new television network in development with Brandon Clarke Films via Darin Chavez of Tricarico Chavez, LLP. Jaimie writes redemption stories in all genres and lives with her husband, son, and hound dog. Follow @theWRITEengle

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