Did you know I’m releasing my first ever serialized novel, DREADLANDS: BLOOD MOON, book 2 in the Moon Cycle Dodecad? The first 3 episodes are FREE to read AND Amazon will give you 500 tokens to use for future episodes!

DREADLANDS: BLOOD MOON is a paranormal historical mashup, and if you loved Wolf Moon, book 1 in the Dreadlands series, you’re in for another dark adventure.


In the vein of “Vikings of Valhalla” meets “Lord of the Rings,” this paranormal historical romance explodes with thrills, adventure, were-creatures, and twisted lore. Scalvia and Arud’s forbidden romance is tested. A werebat species led by a Mayan Bat God threatens the Viking world of Vithalia. Lykke finds new allegiance with the Cur human-wolf hybrid while her brother, Arud, searches for Father in the Great Beyond. Dragons, pegasus, shifters, and magic will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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The cool part about these episodes is I get to leave you messages along the way that tell you what inspired scenes or thoughts I had as I wrote them. Thank you for allowing me to share my stories with you and be a part of your life. I can’t begin to tell you how much that means to me.  To help this book continue to be a success:

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I hope you will join and be a part of my team! Haven’t read Wolf Moon yet? Grab a copy HERE!!

Published by Jaimie Engle

Jaimie Engle is an award-winning writer and speaker. She teaches at national conferences, state libraries, and local schools on the art of storytelling. Her awards include the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future (2014), Kirkus Editor’s Choice (2020), and the Publisher’s Weekly Booklife Prize in Fiction and Non-fiction (2020). In 2021, she began screenwriting with two feature films for a new television network in development with Brandon Clarke Films via Darin Chavez of Tricarico Chavez, LLP. Jaimie writes redemption stories in all genres and lives with her husband, son, and hound dog. Follow @theWRITEengle

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