JAIMIE ENGLE is the author of dark thrillers for teens where magic turns ordinary into extraordinary. She weaves history, magic, and lore into her books, which take readers on wondrous adventures, though her passion is talking to kids about writing and social issues because words have power. She loves coffee, cosplay, podcasting, and making Wick Books™ candles inspired by scents from her novels, and lives in Florida with her awesome husband, hilarious children, and the world’s best dog.

Emma Becket joined the team as Engle’s Social Media Strategist in 2019, after working alongside Jaimie as her PA. All the amazing posts on social are credited to her. (I love you, Emma!)

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BRING JAIMIE TO YOUR SCHOOL: From the Power of Words in Life & Literature to Thinking Like an Author, Jaimie will inspire and educate your students about literacy & anti-bullying methods.
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BRING JAIMIE TO YOUR WRITING CONFERENCE: Jaimie loves educating authors on marketing, writing, and publishing. With a long list of accolades and experience, you won’t go wrong!
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BRING JAIMIE TO YOUR CONVENTION: Jaimie is an energetic and spontaneous cosplayer who interacts with guests on many levels, including cosplaying her own book characters!
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LEARN MORE ABOUT WICK BOOKS CANDLES: Read, burn, and experience the world with Wick Books story-scented candles or return anytime by re-lighting.
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BUY BOOKS & MORE: JME Books proudly publishes Jaimie Engle of The Write Engle’s books. Learn More about her line of books, merchandise, and candles here.
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