This episode begins with Arud’s dream from life back home, in a time when life was peaceful, sweet, and warm. Nothing like his world that’s been turned upside-down. Then, even his dream world shifts, butting up against reality when he tries to protect his little sister, Lykke, from his grandmothe, Toov. Somehow, when he strikesContinue reading “EPISODE 1: Anew”

Kindle Vella Presents: Dreadlands Blood Moon

I wanted to introduce a new program I’m rolling out through Kindle. Basically, I’ll be sharing chapters of my book through Kindle Vella episodes that you can read on your e-reader by purchasing token blocks. If you’re familiar with my Dreadlands series, you may have read book one, “Wolf Moon.” After a long wait (andContinue reading “Kindle Vella Presents: Dreadlands Blood Moon”

Tell Your Story: It’s Your Write

March 27, 2021 at 11 AM REGISTER HERE Writers and readers come together online for a day of free literary growth at the third annual “Tell Your Story. It’s Your Write!” from 10AM to 5PM on Saturday, March 27th presented by the North Regional/Broward College Library.The expo offers literary enrichment, industry insight and motivation forContinue reading “Tell Your Story: It’s Your Write”