Did you know I’m releasing my first ever serialized novel, DREADLANDS: BLOOD MOON, book 2 in the Moon Cycle Dodecad? The first 3 episodes are FREE to read AND Amazon will give you 500 tokens to use for future episodes!

DREADLANDS: BLOOD MOON is a paranormal historical mashup, and if you loved Wolf Moon, book 1 in the Dreadlands series, you’re in for another dark adventure.


In the vein of “Vikings of Valhalla” meets “Lord of the Rings,” this paranormal historical romance explodes with thrills, adventure, were-creatures, and twisted lore. Scalvia and Arud’s forbidden romance is tested. A werebat species led by a Mayan Bat God threatens the Viking world of Vithalia. Lykke finds new allegiance with the Cur human-wolf hybrid while her brother, Arud, searches for Father in the Great Beyond. Dragons, pegasus, shifters, and magic will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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Launch Party, Issue 2 “The 9 Circles”

We are throwing another party!!

Wednesday, August 10th from 3pm-6pm, come hang with us at FAMOUS FACES AND FUNNIES off New Haven in West Melbourne. Koolasheck will join me and we will be selling/signing copies of issue 2 in our limited series comic book THE 9 CIRCLES. And don’t worry, we will have issue 1 copies available too.

Not local? No problem! Hit up your local comic book shop and ask them to carry THE 9 CIRCLES by publisher BLOOD MOON COMICS. You can also reach out to the publisher directly and order online.

Let us know if you’re coming by pre-registering via Facebook HERE! We can’t wait to share what happens next to Simeon, Jed, and the whole gang of THE 9 CIRCLES. (P.S…. the story has some pretty big film news to announce very soon. Be sure to follow the blog or via social media so you don’t miss it!)


The Comic Team Behind “The 9 Circles” at Tampa Bay Comic Con

Panel “It’s a Book! It’s a Script! It’s a Comic!” presented by Jaimie Engle, KoolasHeck, and Keith Rommel, Blood Moon Comics, LLC

Tampa, FL, July 29th – July 31st – The Tampa Bay Comic Con welcomes many artists, celebrities, creators, and fans including the creative team behind “The 9 Circles” written by Jaimie Engle with art by KoolasHeck, and published through Keith Rommel’s Blood Moon Comics, LLC. In addition to having a booth space where fans can buy comics, meet the team, and even take a photograph with a six foot cardboard cutout of the main character, Simeon, the three will be on a panel titled “It’s a book! It’s a script! It’s a comic!” to discuss the collaborative process of writing in books, film, and comic mediums. The convention will be held at the Tampa Bay Convention Center from July 29, 11am-10pm, July 30 from 9am-10pm, and ends on July 31 from 9am-5pm at 333 S. Franklin Street in Tampa, Florida.

Engle recently presented on “How to Write Comics” at two Hillsborough County Libraries during their summer youth services program supported by the Friends of the Library.

“Comics continue to grow in popularity, and young writers are especially interested in learning to write in this specialized format,” shared Engle regarding her visits. “It’s different from writing novels or screenplays, which is so fun, offering a unique outlet for creativity.”

“The 9 Circles” comic was first adapted from a short story in Engle’s collection titled “The Toilet Papers” after she adapted it into a script for television first. The script won multiple prestigious film awards and caught the attention of Keith Rommel, who offered her a contract to write for Blood Moon Comics. Engle reached out to the artist known as KoolasHeck, who is a Sketchcard Illustrator for Upper Deck/Marvel Comics and an illustrator, writer, and executive producer on multiple comic series. The collaboration has proved to be a powerhouse combination and the team are now producing a one shot titled “Gaijin in Tokyo” with a projected December 2022 release date.

“Blood Moon Comics who has been featured in the Key Collector app as well as Comics Heating Up!” shared Rommel. “As Indy title of the year as well as monthly picks, we will be in attendance at the con accepting submissions in the horror, science fiction, and fantasy categories.”

Engle and KoolasHeck will be signing books, selling merch, and giving away swag as they interact with fans all weekend! Preorder your comic at https://bit.ly/The9Circles1 or through your favorite Local Comic Shop! For more info, visit  https://tampabaycomicconvention.com/ or to request images, email publicity@thewriteengle.com.

BIO: Jaimie Engle is an award-winning writer. Her comic The 9 Circles is currently in development with multiple studios including AMC. The script is a quarterfinalist, semifinalist, and hit #6 on Coverfly’s coveted The Red List. She has spoken to tens of thousands of writers and fans at dozens of conventions. 

Keith Rommel: Owner/CEO/Award-Winning Writer Blood Moon Comics, Award-Winning Screenwriter The Cursed Man & The Lurking Man, and Award-Winning Novelist with Sunbury Press.

KOOLasHECK:  Sketchcard Illustrator for Upper Deck/Marvel Comics and an illustrator, writer, and executive producer on multiple comics.

# # #


Jaimie Engle to Appear at Southshore Regional Library to present Writing Comic Books class

Ruskin, Florida, June 6, 2022 – The Southshore Regional Library welcomes guest author Jaimie Engle to teach a class on Writing Comic Books, and to share her love of writing with the community. The event for aspiring comic writers is coming to Ruskin, Florida on Monday, June 6, 2022 from 6pm – 6:45pm. Located at 15816 Beth Shields Way, Ruskin, FL 33573.

“Comics continue to grow in popularity, and young writers are especially interested in learning to write in this specialized format,” said Engle. “It’s different from writing novels or screenplays, and has its own challenges. But, it also offers a unique outlet for creativity.”

Engle has recently added writing comics to her resume, with her first limited edition series releasing through Blood Moon Comics in July 2022. To order in advance, visit the publisher at bit.ly/The9Circles1 or ask your local comic shop to order Issue 1 in the MAY Diamond Preview Catalogue using preorder code MAY221299.


Podcast S2: E6 Motivation Is Not Constant

S2:E6 Motivation is not Constant

So you started a thing. Congratulations! You are super amped to be successful. And then, you have a setback. You are a failure. That’s not true! In this episode, understand the steps of motivation to keep you focused even when you’re in a downward spiral. Please like, subscribe, and share, and don’t forget to post your #Winsfortheweek Fridays so we can all celebrate the milestones to victories!


Podcast S2: E4 Make Lemonade

S2:E4 Make Lemonade

Sometimes, life doesn’t go the way we plan. Why should our creative endeavors be any different? In this podcast, I share about a time when I chose to make lemonade out of lemons instead of throwing the lemons out and eating the cost. Don’t forget to share your #Winsfortheweek Every Friday so we can celebrate the small milestones toward the bigger victories together. Like, share, and subscribe to this podcast. Thanks for your support and being a constant listener!


Podcast S2: E3 Stop Doing That!

S2:E3 Stop Doing That!

Yep, you read that one right. I am encouraging you to “stop doing that” in this podcast episode. What does that mean? Well, sometimes you have to cut the strings on the old to experience the new. Check it out! Subscribe, like, and share, and don’t forget to post your #Winsfortheweek each Friday so we can celebrate our small victories together!


Local Author Inspires A Love of Reading and Writing in Children

Jaimie Engle to Appear at Read It, Write It Book and Writing Festival in February

Boynton Beach, FL, February 2022 – The Read It, Write It Book and Writing Festival welcomes guest author Jaimie Engle to participate in their writing panels to share her love of writing with the community. The first-ever Read It Write It Book Festival is coming to Boynton Beach on Saturday, February 26 from 11am – 6pm. Located at the Boynton Beach Mall at 801 N Congress Ave Ste 295, Boynton Beach, FL 33426.

Engle recently spoke virtually to the Trinity Preparatory School’s Author Festival.

“Attending reading and writing festivals, such as Read It, Write It, is one of the many perks that come with being an author. Sharing my love of writing as well as the journey I’ve taken in order to get where I am today, with the community who has supported me along the way, really gives me an appreciation of what I do!” shared Engle, who will be speaking on a panel during the Read It, Write It Festival.

Engle has recently added writing comics to her resume, with her first limited edition series releasing through Blood Moon Comics in July 2022.

“I’m getting excited for Read It Write It,” shared Heidi Hess, the festival organizer. “It’s a celebration of all things books – Novice/ experienced, adult/child authors come together with local readers to celebrate literacy!”

The Read It Write It festival is a family-friendly event that is free to attend. Engle will be signing books and interacting with guests all day! For more information, visit https://www.heidicreates.net/events


Podcast S2: E2 Knowledge, Wisdom & Understanding

S2:E2 Knowledge, Wisdom, & Understanding

Knowing you have a gift is great. But how do you take an idea and turn it into something you can share with the world? In this episode I dive into the ideas of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding for the creative mind. Like, share, and subscribe to this podcast and don’t forget to share your #Winsfortheweek on social media every Friday so we can celebrate together! Be inspired , my friends.


Podcast E5 What Did You Say?

E5: What Did You Say?

Your words have power. Did you know that? You can shape tomorrow with what you say today. In fact, your present is a result of what you said yesterday. Think about it… What are you saying about yourself, your art, your business, your family? Are you sowing seeds that will produce a harviest of fruit or weeds? In this episode, I work to inspire you to think about your words and how they affect your life, keeping in mind that your speech isn’t the end of the journey. It’s the compass that provides you with your next steps, your next door, and your next big thing!


Podcast E4 Why Do It?

E4: Why Do It?

In this crazy world of show business, we have to ask ourselves, “Why do it?” If you don’t know your ‘why’ then it will be very hard to stay in the game. If you don’t know ‘why you do it’ it will be impossible to find satisfaction and joy when you actually do achieve your goals. In this episode, I look into the importance of finding a reason that is not related to the goal but rather to the journey.


Podcast E3 Confidence is a Mindset

E3: Confidence is a Mindset

Confidence is a mindset. It is not a result of our efforts. Too many of us make the opinions of others the root for our confidence. What happens when those opinions falter? The whole confidence tree falls to the ground. In this episode, I break down some ways to think differently about confidence and some places to find some that lasts, regardless of the whims of others. Please follow, like, and share to inspire others!


Winning International Awards!

I’m excited to announce that Sum of Your Luv, a short film co-written with Ausbon Brown, III, has been hitting the film festival circuit and stirring up a several awards. I’m an official “Award-Winning Screenwriter!”


So far, it has been named an official selection of the GOLDEN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL ITALY and the NEW FILMMAKERS NEW YORK film festivals. Sum of Your Luv also was awarded a winner at the AUSTIN INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL and an HONORABLE MENTION at the LONDON-WORLDWIDE COMEDY SHORT FILM FESTIVAL.

SYNOPSIS: A distraught woman visits a quirky therapist after she discovers her boyfriend is cheating. She’s given an experimental drug which accidentally causes her to be able to see more than she wants about everyone’s sexual history.

Learn all about the filmmakers HERE and Congratulations to everyone involved!


Podcast E2 Middle Age DO-OVER!

Age is a number, right? Sometimes, it doesn’t feel that way. When will I get my break?? We ask that question after toiling with our art for years, then decades,  until the question becomes WILL I EVER get my break? I’m here to share that the wait is part of the journey as I explore creatives who made their “Big Break” in middle age. Check it out!

Listen and subscribe to The Write Engle on your favorite podcast player to be inspired!


Podcast E1 Your Voice Matters!

Being a creative can be frustrating, heartbreaking and strangely rewarding at the same time. We all have a unique voice and perspective of the world. It may be the only voice someone else can connect with. Be inspired to share your art because you never know who NEEDS to hear it or what impact you may have on their LIFE!

Listen and subscribe to The Write Engle podcast on your favorite podcast player for more inspiration!


Jaimie Engle Speaking at One Senior Place

In one week, Jaimie Engle will be speaking at the One Senior Place on Monday, October 18th from 10am-12pm.
She will be discussing her novel, “Write a Book that Doesn’t Suck” as well as her first experiences while writing.
Make sure to RSVP for the event at (321) 751-6771. See you there!


New SCWG Board Member

I’m happy to announce that I am now a board member of the Space Coast Writers Guild!

The Space Coast Writers Guild was created in 1982 and is based in Brevard County, Florida. They meet monthly to offer a variety of programs and presentations aimed towards writers. Meetings also offer members the opportunity to network with other writers. Aside from monthly meetings, SCWG provides critique groups, workshops, contests, and conferences focused on improving your writing abilities.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to help the guild grow through aligned goals and desires to work with local writers, assist in their publishing goals, and help bring in speakers of the highest caliber and experience to work with members. Writing can be a solo experience and it’s necessary to have a group in which to share your fears, goals, and achievements. I hope my journey can assist other writers to be inspired to keep writing, learning, and sharing their stories with the world!

Learn more about the SCWG: https://scwg.org/

Join the Guild: https://manage.campaignzee.com/mIZeQ2wOxU


Jaimie Engle Speaking at the Melbourne Film Club

Jaimie Engle will be speaking about her transition from writing books to feature films at the September Melbourne Film Club meeting. The meeting will take place at The Oaks Theater, 1800 W Hibiscus Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32901. It will be September 7th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. 


The Brain, The Brawn, The Heart, and The Hero with Jaimie Engle

Learn to write characters that bring out the hero’s strengths, expose their weaknesses, and give them goals of their own! Author Jaimie Engle teaches writing using “The Wizard of Oz” as a base. For ages 10 to 14.

Jaimie Engle will be virtually speaking at the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library. The Brain, The Brawn, The Heart, and The Hero: Writing with Jaimie Engle will be on Tuesday, July 20th at 2:00pm. 

Register for this event through the calendar feature at HCPLC.org and attend for a chance to win a free book!


Just Us Nerds Podcast Guest

Jaimie Engle will be a guest on a future episode of the Just Us Nerds Podcast! The episode will focus on a dramatic selection from The Twilight Zone. You can find the podcast on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/justusnerdspodcast as well as on their Facebook page, “Just Us Nerds Podcast.” Keep your eyes peeled for the episode to be available soon!


Tell Your Story: It’s Your Write

March 27, 2021 at 11 AM


Writers and readers come together online for a day of free literary growth at the third annual “Tell Your Story. It’s Your Write!” from 10AM to 5PM on Saturday, March 27th presented by the North Regional/Broward College Library.The expo offers literary enrichment, industry insight and motivation for writers from successfully published, award-winning authors via author-led workshops and panel discussions. Participants include New York Times bestselling authors Craig Pittman and Diane A.S. Stuckart and award-winning authors Jaimie Engle, Elisa Albo and Cheryl Hollon.

Jaimie Engle will be hosting at 11am on Writing Teen Fiction: How to write and promote work for this audience.


NOW AVAILABLE: Pets of Elsewhere

I am so excited to announce my 12th publication, PETS OF ELSEWHERE: Ghost Dog.

This is the first in a haunting new series that takes readers around the globe to solve the mysteries of deceased pets who still have a story to tell.

Book One: Ghost Dog – Haunted by four-legged ghosts in St. Augustine, a 12-year-old must help vengeful shadow-pets find rest or watch them pick off his family one-by-one.

Other books in the series to come:

  • BLACK DOG: A haunting in Castle Craig in Connecticut.
  • GHOST HOUND: An American folk lore of the faithful bue tick hound.
  • GHOST CAT: In Ireland, a large, demonic black cat is rumored to roam the property of Killakee House.
  • GHOST OWL: A colony of White American Owls haunt the 15th-century Arundel Castle in England.
  • GHOST HORSE: In the Chicago suburbs, there are haunted stables and riding trails in the woods.
  • GHOST APE: In a large estate in Dorset, near Dorchester, England, haunts the ghost of Martyn, a pet ape.
  • GHOST ZOO: The haunted Old Los Angeles Zoo.
  • BLACK CAT: The Ancient Ram Inn’s bedrooms in the UK resides a supposed ghost cat.
  • GHOST BEAST: In the Dublin Hellfire Club, a large cat-like, black, demonic beast still prowls the area.
  • PET CEMETERY: In San Francisco, former pets still hang around the Presidio Pet Cemetery.



Enter to Win: Pets of Elsewhere

Get lost in the mystery of GHOST DOG, book one in the exciting new series by Jaimie Engle, PETS OF ELSEWHERE.

Enter to win 1 of 3 signed paperbacks on Goodreads!

Haunted by four-legged ghosts in St. Augustine, a 12-year-old must help vengeful shadow-pets find rest or watch them pick off his family one-by-one.

Colten never wanted to leave Satellite Beach. His dad, a now retired Air Force Captain and his mom, a homemaker, couldn’t wait to open a bed and breakfast in St. Augustine, in a gorgeous Victorian that once belonged to a world-renowned veterinarian. Only, Colten sees things, hears things, and his sister almost dies—twice. Animal ghosts are reaching out from the other side with hints that the doctor may have been hiding things behind the Victorian’s closed doors, leaving Colten with two choices: help them or watch his whole family die.

PETS OF ELSEWHERE is a haunting middle grade thriller that blends elements of Pet Sematary with The House on Haunted Hill for kids who have outgrown Goosebumps and become die-hard fans of Supernatural.

Order your signed copy HERE.


Voice in Writing (& life) with Jaimie Engle

The Florida Literacy Association is excited to provide our  “members only” virtual professional development series.  We’re looking forward to a great session with Jaimie Engle on February 16th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Eastern Time. We hope you’ll join us!



FLA Winter After Dark2021

FLA Winter After Dark2021

Virtual Professional Development Series

Tuesdays – 6:30-7:30pm Eastern Time

Free for FLA Members! 

I will be speaking at the 2021 FLA Convention On 2-16-2021 From 6:30pm to 7:30pm. on Finding YOUR Voice, based on my Florida Sunshine State nominated book “Metal Mouth”

Sometimes, it’s hard for a young author to discover their writer voice. Other times, they struggle just trying to find their voice at all. In this concurrent session, author Jaimie Engle shares how to build voice as an author, through character, and as a person, based off her Kirkus Editor’s Choice awarded novel & Florida Sunshine State Book List Nominee Metal Mouth (2020).

The conference is free to FLA Members, you can join FLA at: http://flareads.org/membership/.



Trinity Prep Author Festival 2021!

Trinity Preparatory School’s sixth annual Author Festival is on Friday, Feb. 5, 2021, and this year it is VIRTUAL!The event is FREE and open to the public. I am so proud to be among the 44 YA, Middle Grade, and Picture Book authors scheduled to attend, among seven NY Times bestsellers. Event planners, Reba Gordon, Director of the Rich Library, and English 8 & YA Lit Teacher, Georgia Parker, have live Keynote speakers and multiple pre-recorded author panels planned for even greater flexibility for readers. 

To support the continuation of the Author Fest and the authors who have volunteered their time to be here, we encourage all attendees to purchase books from our independent bookseller, Kizzy’s Books & More. See the full catalog! You can also order signed books DIRECTLY FROM THE AUTHOR.

I will be speaking on several topics:

Middle Grade Mystery at 10am- 10:45am
World Building at 11am-11:45am
and Magical Fairy Tales at 1pm – 1:45pm


Kris Kringle Market, Dec. 19 & 20!

I will be a vendor at the Kris Kringle Market December 19th and 20th at the Melbourne Auditorium: 625 E Hibiscus Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32901-3234, from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. All my books, including the Amazon #1 New Release “Clifton Chase on Castle Rock”, are available in pre-packaged sets, discounted for the holidays. Grab a book and a pin or button, too! Plus I’ve already packed your bags and prepared your passport for an imagination getaway… (You’ll have to show up to ask!)

Stop by and pick up some JME Books, mention this post, and grab your FREE gift. Books make the perfect Christmas gifts for the whole family! Over 100 vendors inside and out, free admission & free parking, free train ride, Ice sisters pictures in carriage, make and take ornaments, and 400 free totes giveaway!

RSVP to secure your FREE gift!