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“A coming-of-age historical fantasy for those readers who like Percy Jackson, Narnia, and The Never Ending Story.”

Clifton Chase is the latest target for bully Ryan Rivales. When he finds a mysterious arrow in his closet, he takes Ryan’s bet to see who can hit the target. Ryan nails the bull’s-eye, but Clifton’s piece of junk arrow sails out of sight and when he finally finds it, something isn’t right. Somehow, Clifton has magically time-travelled to Medieval England in the year 1485, where he meets two a dwarf, a mythological bird, and two princes bullied by their tyrant uncle, King Richard III. Only after Clifton learns the true meaning of friendship, bravery, and sacrifice can he help the princes escape and find the courage to face his own bully, Ryan Rivales. Befriended by a dwarf, a mythical bird called Simurgh, and a cast of comical characters, Clifton’s epic fantasy adventure through medieval times is the perfect book for boys and girls of all ages, and the young at heart. Compared to Percy Jackson, Narnia, and Harry Potter style of fantasy and magic.

BRAG Medallion Winner & Top Ten Pick Kid Lit, 2015 | Just Read, Florida Summer Reading List, 2016


“Dreadlands weaves Viking lore, animalistic-shape-shifting (wolves), and coming-of-age adventure into a fantasy epic.” –Kirkus Reviews

Arud Bergson is forced to leave his Viking home in the Outlands after a shape-shifting wolf attacks. He is expected to cross the realm with his sister Lykke before the next full moon. Along the way, he meets a beautiful girl who steals his heart, although he questions her motives. Arud’s world is shaken and family deceptions unravel, when he learns Lykke may be the key in a century old prophecy and a sorceress may be stalking them. The stakes are raised, and getting safely to the city in the sea becomes more than a quest. It becomes survival. Dreadlands explores the balance between love of family and a coming of age romance, compared to Twilight and the Shanarah Chronicles.

“Expertly paced…an absolute page turner…unlike anything on the market.” Amazon 5 star review

Bram Stoker, Nebula & Tiptree Award-Nominated, 2016 | Just Read, Florida Summer Reading List, 2016


“Jaimie Engle brings “The Dredge” to an exciting, unexpected, and ultimately satisfying ending.”

Sean Marrok, a young miner who is known only by an assigned number, lives in the Dredge under the controlling thumb of the Regime. After his shift in the mine, he goes to a local club to let off steam and drink a few Stingers. He decides to place a two-million to one bet and the dice lands its mark on the winning number. But at what cost? His big win attracts the attention of the casino owner, Ambrosia. Instead of turning Marrok over to the authorities, Ambrosia releases him to the charming Chantelle who escorts him to the back exit and away from Regime soldiers. But Marrok is framed for destroying Regime property and finds himself on a commuter ship to the prison on Roan. Instead of landing on Roan, the ship is ambushed and crash landed at the secret base of the Network, where he once again runs into the exotic woman, Ambrosia. She believes he is destined to be the Savior of the people, the one to overthrow the Regime. Will Marrok see what’s to come? Or will his third eye be blinded by his own decisions? A dark science-fiction novella weaving magic with manipulation that shows what happens when the oppressed have had enough and rise up to fight.

L. Ron Hubbard, Writer’s of the Future Award Winner, 2015 | Just Read, Florida Summer Reading List, 2016


“Witty. Funny. Thought provoking. Makes me want to go to the bathroom more just to read.” –Amazon 5 Star Review

From the mind of critically acclaimed author, Jaimie Engle, comes The Toilet Papers: Places to go, while you Go. This collection of short stories ranges from 50 words to more than 50 pages, separated in categories labeled to fit your bathroom needs: NUMBER ONE, NUMBER TWO, and FARFROMPOOPIN. The idea is to give you, the reader, a great deal of material to read, tailored and categorized to the needs of your intestines and bladder. So go ahead, get comfortable, pull out your Squatty Potty® and enjoy some fantasy, science fiction, horror, adventure, and humor from the comfort of your own throne…the john…the latrine…your office…the bathroom, whatever you want to call it. Just be sure to wash your hands once you’re done.

Endorsed by Squatty Potty, 2017 | SCWG Best Short Story 2012


“Fundamentals are important and this book presents fundamentals in an original and fresh way.” –Amazon 5 Star Review

Are you struggling with the same old creative writing books? It’s time to study storytelling through a different light. Writing Your Novel Using the Bible as Your Guide breaks down the book of Genesis into comprehensive writing tools presented in an easy to understand how-to book. Written by critically acclaimed author, Jaimie Engle, owner of A Writer For Life editing, marketing, and coaching firm, this unique approach digs deeper than basic creative elements such as plot, character, setting, theme, arc, and plot. By going through each of the 50 chapters in Genesis, the manuscript focuses on specific elements such as foreshadowing, parallels, the nemesis, forcing change, names hold meaning, and even the truth of death and taxes.


The Clifton Chase Coloring Book is a condensed version of the novel for the K-2 student and those who still love to color! With hand-drawn illustrations by Debbie Johnson, the story is the perfect read aloud while children fill in the pictures with their favorite colors. The classic anti-bullying message is shared throughout the pages of this whimsical coloring book.


A Curriculum Guide is available for novel study in the classroom. Created by two veteran gifted teachers, the study guide is broken into 5 chapter sections to include language arts, vocabulary, art, history, STEM & much more! Teachers can utilize this fun way to check off standards and homeschool families can enjoy learning while reading the novel. Available in ebook and paperback formats.

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