Mastermind: Getting into Barnes & Noble

Join me in this 3 month Mastermind as I share exclusive insight into how I got into and hosted a successful author signing at a Barnes & Noble bookstore. Access to Mastermind Course, never released lists, and included templates valued at more than $2500 for $299 a month! Ask for info or to pay per month!


Program 1: Techniques to Improve Writing



Nonfiction Workshop How to write articles for magazines, newspapers, and online, including submission guidelines.
September Career Options & Narrowing the Field Introduction to several fiction and non-fiction careers as an author.
October World Building What makes a great world in literature?
November Plotting Coincidence Planning on purpose but in a subtle manner.
January Tension Where and why it needs to be built.
February Play-Rewind-Repeat Strategic characterization with real life situations.
March Tell, Don’t Show When you should summarize verses explaining.
April Character Building What makes a great character and how can you build them in your stories?

Program 1

Dive into unique topics that are often overlooked in creative writing. Does not include any travel expenses, TBD.


Program 2: Real World Writing



Intro to Writing non-fiction & tech A look at different forms of writing, to include technical & non-fiction.
September Writing & Publishing Truths The truth about the writer’s journey & determining which type of writer you are.
October Pre-Writing Techniques Finding a story you are passionate about and learning how to build upon the book skeleton.
November NaNoWriMo, writing your first draft National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo): learn tips to begin & writer your entire first draft.
January Revise & Edit Back from the break, your novel will begin to take shape as you learn editing and revising tools.
February Agents & Publishers Learn how to submit your completed novel to agents & publishers
March Selling & Marketing Authors are small business owners. Learn how to manage your company and find publishing success.
April Making $$ While You Wait Discover ways to sell articles, short stories, & blogs or other creative ways to generate an income.

Program 2

Learn ways to make money with writing as a career or while you wait for your book to sell. Does not include any travel expenses, TBD.


Program 3: Writing Basics

August Image Create pictures with words using concrete, significant details, figures of speech, and imagination.
September Voice The irony of voice is that it’s multiple. Learn to craft your writer voice, character voice, and persona using POV.
October Character Build character as desire, image, voice, action, thought, conflict, in both stock and flat characters.
November Setting Not simply a location, setting is world, used as a lens, in mood and symbol, and as action in your writing.
January Story Combine lessons to build story as a journey, power struggle, connection or disconnection.
February Development Combination of drafting, structuring, and researching.
March Revision Revising and editing best practices.
April Blogging + Blogging, Articles, and Scholarships can make you money!

Program 3

As it suggests, a look into the basic elements of creative writing. Does not include any travel expenses, TBD.


Activity Cost:

Cost per session hour is $500.00 + applicable travel expense (TBD).

Author Bio:

Jaimie Engle is a regular conference speaker, writing instructor, and classroom guest across the state of Florida. Her non-fiction work has appeared multiple times on Writer’s Digest, The Dr. Laura Program, and in publications through the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators. She has independently published multiple award-winning novels and is an Amazon #1 best-selling & #1 new release author.

Workshop Testimonials:

  • “Thank you very much for the writing workshops this week in the Melbourne Writing Center of Eastern Florida State College. I have heard nothing but positive comments all week about your writing seminars. Your positive demeanor and conversational presentation style allow the audience to be set at ease, which further allows participants to absorb your wealth of knowledge shared during these sessions. People I talked to felt a connection to you, which prompted their willingness to share their own ideas and ask a range of questions.” –Sharon Cronk-Raby, Melbourne Writing Center Coordinator, EFSC
  • “Jaimie Engle’s workshops have helped me improve my writing in ways I never could have dreamed. With her incredible teaching and valuable insight, I am now on the threshold of publishing my first of many stories. I wouldn’t be even close to the writer I am today without her!” -Nathanael Boring, Student & Phi Theta Kappa Chair, Melbourne Campus, EFSC
  • “Jaimie offers an amazing program for writers on our campus and I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from students and faculty. She is knowledgeable, entertaining, and a great presenter. She should be teaching her courses on every EFSC campus.” -Danielle Redding, Past Director of Student Life, Melbourne Campus, EFSC

Here is a link to a Florida Today news article about the sessions:

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