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45-120 Minute Presentations by Jaimie Engle

Getting into Barnes & Noble as an Indie Author

Most authors dream of having a book signing with a line out the door at their local Barnes & Noble Bookstore. In this breakout session, you will learn:

  • Steps to take to get your book into a B&N Bookstore
  • Creating a Marketing Plan that works
  • Building Buzz for a Successful Book Event
  • Using the Experience to Book the Next Event

Award-winning indie author, Jaimie Engle, shares how she created the demand for her books, received the request from B&N, and landed a book signing and shelf space in this engaging session.

Your Book as a Business

Knowing what level of time, money, and energy you plan to invest will determine your result as an author. Authors will consider their book as a business and build a marketing strategy for success. This course includes book launches, school visits, media releases, and marketing techniques.

Finding Your Passion

In this presentation, attendees will take a journey through the writing and publication process along with my own personal journey as a writer. This inspirational talk will empower attendees to find their passion, plan their action, and overcome obstacles to achieve success.

Landing Your Dream Agent

Finding a partner to promote your work to editors is a goal many writers strive for. In this presentation, listen to best practices, avoid pitfalls, and know what to ask your potential agent including contract details.

Writing Like a Filmmaker

Learn how to outline, write, and edit your book with stunning visuals, developed arcs, balanced writing, and a story that flows by using cinematic techniques that work every time.

Blogging like a Pro 

Blogging is a great way to connect with your fans, but what happens to all that amazing content if no one can find it? Learn how to create blogs that are pleasing to the eye, filled with just enough content, and using SEO for search engine spiders to detect your amazing words!

The Organized Writer  

As your business grows, keeping track of sales and events becomes crucial. Learn how to schedule marketing efforts, create scripts, and put systems in place so you can focus on writing. Forms and samples available.

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45-120 Minute Presentations by Jaimie Engle

World Building

World building is more than just placing characters in a setting. This workshop engages students

World building is detailed and goes beyond the story. In this course learn how to create unique worlds by studying the elements and order of building awesome worlds that are believable, independent, and exist before and after the story.

Play-Rewind-Repeat, then Tell, Don’t Show

In this lesson, students will learn several reasons for telling, not showing in fiction, when to know if you should show or tell, and how to develop the concept in storytelling. In addition, exploring the concepts of bringing characters opportunities to grow by learning from their past and the sins of their fathers allow readers to see themselves in the hero/heroine they root for.

Plotting Coincidence & Building Tension

In the real world, coincidences happen all the time. Students will learn how to effectively craft and plot a natural coincidence. Likewise, building tension into chase scenes is easy. What about moments when it seems like nothing is happening? Learn how to bring tension into every scene so your readers hang on the edge of your cliffhanger.

Writing for Teens

Teens are fickle. They are moody and expressive and embrace life in ways adults do not. Learn how to capture the voice of a teenager as you write YA fiction.

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  • Per diem rate $250 – Up to 4 panels (60 min each) + merch table
  • Weekend rate $400 – Up to 4 panels daily (60 min each) + merch table + hotel
  • Keynote or Featured Guest per diem rate $500 – Travel + merch table + hotel

Outside of Florida requires addition of travel stipend, lodging, meals, etc.

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  • 2018 Authors for Authors Conference “Finding Your Agent” – Florida
  • 2018 Southern Breeze Writing Conference “Finding Your Agent” – Alabama
  • 2018 Florida Christian Writer’s Conference “Writing for the World” – Florida
  • 2018 Barnes & Noble book signing “Literacy and Writing” – Florida
  • 2017 Suntree Rotary Club “Finding Your Story” – Florida
  • 2017 Orlando Book Fair “Panelist & Book Signing” – Florida
  • 2017 Sarasota Writer’s Group “Your Book is a Business” – Florida
  • 2017 State Small Business Event “Writing for Kids” – Florida
  • 2017 SCWG “Marketing Your Book” – Florida
  • 2017 Authors for Authors “Marketing Your Book” – Florida
  • 2017 Write’s Atelier “Landing a Literary Agent” – Florida
  • 2017 Suntree Public Library “Writing Workshop for Youth Program” – Florida
  • 2016 Mandel Public Library “Writing YA” – Florida
  • 2016 Downtown Orlando Public Library “Writing YA” – Florida
  • 2016 Florida Council of English Teachers “Keynote Speaker” – Florida
  • 2016 Authors in the Park “Keynote Speaker” – Florida
  • 2016 Florida Writers Association “Writing for Children” –Florida
  • 2016 Authors for Authors “Excellence in Publishing” –Florida
  • 2016 Other Words “Panelist” –Florida
  • 2015-2016 Suntree Public Library “Youth Writing Workshops” – Florida
  • 2015 NESCBWI Conference, “Your Book as a Business” – Massachusetts
  • 2015 Holocaust Museum, “A Mother’s Journey Through Bullying” – Florida
  • 2014 SCBWI Conference, “Your Book as a Business” – Florida
  • 2014 SCWG Conference, “Writing For Children is a Business” – Florida
  • 2013 500 Teacher’s Symposium, “The Business of Publishing” – Florida
  • 2012-present Eastern Florida State College “Writing Sessions” – Florida


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