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JAIMIE ENGLE writes dark thrillers where magic turns ordinary into extraordinary and creates cosplay unique to her fiction. Jaimie Engle is an avid writing conference speaker and engaging cosplay panelist. She works hard to interact with Convention attendees to provide them the most memorable experience ever! Her unique appeal is that Jaimie is a copslayer and author, a unique combination to any convention while cosplaying her own fictional characters. Currently, she lives in Melbourne, FL, with her husband, boys, and the world’s greatest dog. Jaimie is available for your cosplay convention as a panelist, cosplayer, & featured guest:


  • Per diem rate $125 – Up to 4 panels (60 min each) + merch table
  • Weekend rate $200 – Up to 4 panels daily (60 min each) + merch table + hotel
  • Keynote or Featured Guest per diem rate $250 – Travel + merch table + hotel


  • Creating Worlds in Storytelling – An in depth look at building worlds in science fiction & fantasy. Can be taught as a session or shared with others on a panel.
  • Cosplaying Your Characters – Learn how to create characters that pop off the page and into real life, even through cosplay.
  • eBooks vs. Paperbacks – What’s the process of publishing & which is right for you? Should you release an ebook, paperback, or both: pros and cons of all of the above.
  • Writing for Film– Writing your book with budget in mind; editing your book with scripting in mind. How to get your book ready to become a screenplay.
  • Collaboration – Working with illustrators, seamstresses, and photographers to craft and create new cosplay, graphic novels, and merch.
  • Getting Media Attention – Nothing you do matters if no one knows. Learn tricks to get media attention for your brand, cosplay, books, and appearances.

SCALVIA COSPLAY– Scalvia is a Viking Wolf-Shifter from Jaimie’s novel Dreadlands: Wolf Moon. (photo credit: Lauren Edinger)

OTHER COSPLAY – Jaimie likes to find unique characters that are generally never seen at cons or mashups of her favorites. From “Marty McFly, Jr.: to “Garth Algar” from Wayne’s World and “Trinity” from The Matrix, she consistently stays in character to engage with con fans.

Booking Requests

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