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Stories That Shape You…

Remember that story that shaped you as a child, that made you believe you could become anything, do everything, be anyone? Now imagine a world without story. A place where narrative is delivered only by YouTube commentators, where gaming replaces reading, where binge watching eliminates books. Imagine a child growing up in this world where all the media they receive is pre-programmed without their input.

Now imagine you put a book in that child’s hand. Now they can explore the peak of Mount Everest, the wonders of the rain forest, the oddities of a sci-fi universe, or a fantasy world that doesn’t exist. They can discover new friends who will become a part of their lives forever. Through their imagination, that story will shape them, even impact their identity, as only a book can.

There is a great competition in today’s world for our time and attention. We’ve all been guilty of it, those nights where we binge watch entire seasons or game till the sun comes up or hop from video to video on YouTube for hours. I’ve done it too. I’ve neglected a stack of books that I’ve wanted to read for far too long. And I’ll be honest, the lack of story has impacted my identity in a negative way.

What I’m offering is a way to re-engage a child’s mind with stories that shape them, stories where they can find pieces of their identity to become the adults they dream to be. What I offer are books to remind adults what it means to be childlike. To remember when life was simpler, and they could escape in the pages of a great book.

JME Books are perfect for readers ages 8 to 108. The speculative fiction line includes fantasy, science fiction, and horror plus short stories in nearly every genre. Many are award-winning and reader’s favorites. You can find YOUR new favorite in paperback, e-book, and audiobook through, Barnes & Noble, Walmart or SHOP NOW for signed books!

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