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WRITE A BOOK THAT DOESN’T SUCK (Indie Series, Book 2) ISBN: 9781732878655 paperback, ISBN: 9781732878662 hardcover

I guarantee you will find tricks and treats you’ve never heard or read before in any other writing book. If not, let me know and I’ll refund your money.



MG Fantasy Adventure, Ages: 10+ – Lord of the Rings meets How to Train Your Dragon ISBN: 9780997170900 paperback, ISBN: 9781732878631 hardcover

Arud’s father is missing and his sister is sick. With wolf shifters on the hunt, they have one moon cycle to reach their uncle’s for safekeeping. Only this Viking world is on the brink of an apocalypse that even the Norse gods can’t protect from. *Kirkus Reviewed, 4 STARS


YA Paranormal Romance/Magical Realism, Ages: 12+ – The Fault in Our Stars meets Ready Player One ISBN: 9781732878600 paperback, ISBN: 9781732878624 hardcover

Mahlorie hates her braces. And who cares what she looks like anyway? Her parents sure do. Dad, a travelling magician, and Mom, a famous erotica author, constantly harp on the importance of appearance. But when Mal has a near-death experience and can suddenly hear a boy’s voice in her head, life takes a turn for the weird. He can hear her too. How did her braces become transmitters? And who is this boy she just might be falling in love with?

The Toilet Papers, Jr.: Spooky and Silly Poems & Stories for Kids ISBN: 9780997170993 paperback, ISBN: 9781732878648 hardcover

Short Story and Poetry Collection, Ages: 8+ – for fans of Shel Silverstein, Goosebumps and Fairy Tales

Don’t you hate losing your place in your bathroom book? The Toilet Papers, Jr. is a short-story collection separated by word count so you can read a full story whether you have to go a little or a lot, with stories so funny and so scary, you’ll have to read them on the toilet.

CLIFTON CHASE AND THE ARROW OF LIGHT (book 1) ISBN: 9781947796294 paperback, ISBN: 9781947796300 hardcover

MG Fantasy Adventure, Ages: 8+ – Percy Jackson meets Harry Potter

A bullied boy finds a magic arrow that leads him back in time. There, he must rescue two princes from a tyrant king before its too late and he becomes the very history he is studying. *Just Read, Florida! Summer Reading List 2016_ Kid Lit Top Ten Pick 2015, BRAGG Medallion, 2014


YA Science Fiction Fantasy, 12+ Maze Runner meets Star Wars ISBN: 9780692383070 paperback

Marrok can see things before they happen, but he never saw this coming. A beautiful girl wants his secret and she’ll do anything to get it. Together they will face the Regime only their destiny’s are completely different. * Awarded L. Ron Hubbard Writer’s of the Future Award 2015

THE TOILET PAPERS: Places to Go, While you Go ISBN: 9780997170986 paperback

Horror, Humor & Historical Short Story Collection, 16+ 

This collection of short stories ranges from 50 words to more than 50 pages, separated in categories labeled to fit your bathroom needs. Endorsed by Squatty Potty, so you know you can trust it!

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