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Metal Mouth: Lightning Can Strike Twice

Mahlorie hates her braces. And who cares what she looks like anyway? Her parents sure do. Dad, a travelling magician, and Mom, a famous erotica author, constantly harp on the importance of appearance. Her best friend Shai is the epitome of pop-culture, crushing on every boy with a cute smile. But when Mal has a near-death experience and can suddenly hear a boy’s voice in her head, life takes a turn for the weird. He can hear her too. How did her braces become transmitters? And who is this boy she just might be falling in love with? This magical coming-of-age tale of mystery and self-discovery, and love and friendship, makes the impossible become all too real…



Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light

Meet Clifton Chase, a Florida boy dealing with middle school, a bully, and a girl he can't stop thinking about. When a mysterious arrow appears in his closet, it must be Fate giving him a lucky break, and he decides to challenge the school bully over who can hit the bull's eye. But Fate has different plans. The arrow is a dud, flying off-kilter into the woods, where Clifton treks through sandspurs, red ants, and ankle-twisting holes until he finds it. Only when he touches the fletching, it's like lightning strikes, and after he comes to, he's no longer standing in Wickham Park. Somehow, he's in England, in the year 1485.



Dreadlands: Wolf Moon

In the Outlands, a family struggles to survive against the harsh winter of Vithalia and wolf-shifters that rise with each full moon. Only now, the monsters appear without moonlight, as prophecy foretold. One wolf attacks a young Viking named Arud, forcing him to leave home with his sister, Lykke, and find safekeeping with an uncle whom they’ve never met. Who they never knew existed. A beautiful girl sweeps Arud off his feet. His sister may hold the key to their people’s survival. Family secrets unravel as they race across the realm before the Wolf Moon fills the night sky. Dreadlands: Wolf Moon is the first in an exciting epic fantasy series that mashes Monsters, Myth, and Vikings, for fans of Twilight, Tolkien, and History’s Vikings.



The Dredge

Sean Marrok, a young miner who is known only by an assigned number, lives in the Dredge under the controlling thumb of the Regime. After his shift in the mine, he goes to a local club to let off steam and drink a few Stingers. He decides to place a two-million to one bet and the dice lands its mark on the winning number. But at what cost? His big win attracts the attention of the casino owner, Ambrosia. Instead of turning Marrok over to the authorities, Ambrosia releases him to the charming Chantelle who escorts him to the back exit and away from Regime soldiers. But Marrok is framed for destroying Regime property and finds himself on a commuter ship to the prison on Roan. Instead of landing on Roan, the ship is ambushed and crash landed at the secret base of the Network, where he once again runs into the exotic woman, Ambrosia. She believes he is destined to be the Savior of the people, the one to overthrow the Regime. Will Marrok see what's to come? Or will his third eye be blinded by his own decisions? A dark science-fiction novella weaving magic with manipulation that shows what happens when the oppressed have had enough and rise up to fight.



The Toilet Papers: Places to Go, While you Go

From the mind of critically acclaimed author, Jaimie Engle, comes The Toilet Papers: Places to go, while you Go. This collection of short stories ranges from 50 words to more than 50 pages, separated in categories labeled to fit your bathroom needs: NUMBER ONE, NUMBER TWO, and FARFROMPOOPIN. The idea is to give you, the reader, a great deal of material to read, tailored and categorized to the needs of your intestines and bladder. So go ahead, get comfortable, pull out your Squatty Potty® and enjoy some fantasy, science fiction, horror, adventure, and humor from the comfort of your own throne…the john…the latrine…your office…the bathroom, whatever you want to call it. Just be sure to wash your hands once you’re done.



The Toilet Papers, Jr.

Don't you hate losing your place in your bathroom book? The Toilet Papers, Jr. is a short-story collection separated by word count so you can read a full story whether you have to go a little or a lot, with stories so funny and so scary, you'll have to read them on the toilet. From the imagination of award-winning author Jaimie Engle, author of The Toilet Papers: places to go, while you go, this is the perfect book for readers ages 8+ including excerpts from her popular novels for teens and preteens.


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