Podcast S2: E6 Motivation Is Not Constant

S2:E6 Motivation is not Constant So you started a thing. Congratulations! You are super amped to be successful. And then, you have a setback. You are a failure. That’s not true! In this episode, understand the steps of motivation to keep you focused even when you’re in a downward spiral. Please like, subscribe, and share,Continue reading “Podcast S2: E6 Motivation Is Not Constant”

Podcast S2: E5 Still Wading

S2:E5 Still Wading Do you ever feel like you’re just waiting? These days, I feel like wading in the river of time is all I do. In this podcast learn how I turn my thinking around to appreciate the lull In this industry of hurry up to wait. Or wade, depending on how you lookContinue reading “Podcast S2: E5 Still Wading”

Podcast S2: E4 Make Lemonade

S2:E4 Make Lemonade Sometimes, life doesn’t go the way we plan. Why should our creative endeavors be any different? In this podcast, I share about a time when I chose to make lemonade out of lemons instead of throwing the lemons out and eating the cost. Don’t forget to share your #Winsfortheweek Every Friday soContinue reading “Podcast S2: E4 Make Lemonade”