Podcast S2: E5 Still Wading

S2:E5 Still Wading Do you ever feel like you’re just waiting? These days, I feel like wading in the river of time is all I do. In this podcast learn how I turn my thinking around to appreciate the lull In this industry of hurry up to wait. Or wade, depending on how you lookContinue reading “Podcast S2: E5 Still Wading”

Podcast S2: E4 Make Lemonade

S2:E4 Make Lemonade Sometimes, life doesn’t go the way we plan. Why should our creative endeavors be any different? In this podcast, I share about a time when I chose to make lemonade out of lemons instead of throwing the lemons out and eating the cost. Don’t forget to share your #Winsfortheweek Every Friday soContinue reading “Podcast S2: E4 Make Lemonade”

Podcast S2: E3 Stop Doing That!

S2:E3 Stop Doing That! Yep, you read that one right. I am encouraging you to “stop doing that” in this podcast episode. What does that mean? Well, sometimes you have to cut the strings on the old to experience the new. Check it out! Subscribe, like, and share, and don’t forget to post your #WinsfortheweekContinue reading “Podcast S2: E3 Stop Doing That!”